Ok, here we go again. Fri May 27 21:56:59 UTC 2005  

After a long hiatus, I think I'm back into semp. I'm not sure though, although I did get the source moved over from CVS to SVN. There are things I know I'm not happy with about SVN, but it does have a good deal of advantages over CVS.

Arggh. Wed Dec 29 4:02:19 UTC 2004  

Earlier this month the server hosting the cvs went down and came up without any ability to talk to the router. As well as depriving me of mail, it also made it more difficult to work on semp. I also had finals, so I had no time to worry about this.

I'm back, but working during most of the day. I do still manage to get some code for semp in edgewise though. Hopefully I can get the www server code wrapped up soon.

Oh, and Happy Holidays!

Just a short update Thu Nov 25 3:46:33 UTC 2004  

I just added a screenshot of the win32 build to the screenshots page. Check it out!

Also, right now I'm working on the web interface for the "web located" games. Semp games have a location which can be file based, such as file:///home/end/baz (for single player for example), but the games can also be based elsewhere, like "" (where you can play with other people). I hope to have this done before too long.

The next release is planned for December. Maybe it'll actually happen.

Yum for 0.4 Thu Oct 7 7:18:20 UTC 2004  

libsemp and gtk-semp have been released! These are "technology preview" releases (obvious once you run it). All they are supposed to show is that there has been progress made and where.

Grab the source from the sf download page.

Disturbance in the Force Mon Sep 6 19:47:16 UTC 2004  

A disturbance in the force tells me that version 0.4 is not that far away. This is only a technology preview release, which in this case means that almost everything is missing. In fact, the only thing you -can- do is create factories and mines. And that's it, unless defenses get thrown in for good measure.

That is pretty disturbed if we are finally making some sort of release, even if it is still far from done.

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